Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hey everyone and welcome to Biz Builder - a brand new blog dedicated to everything you need to know about running - or working in - a small business!

According to, 71% of small business expect revenue growth in 2016, and 50% said that hiring employees will be a priority in 2016. The numbers don't lie; small and mid-size businesses are on the rise from even 2015. Even despite the current economic challenges, entrepreneurs are more inspired than ever to go into business for themselves. This intriguing fact is what prompted this blog - to examine the journey ordinary people take from first having an idea to work for themselves to expanding this idea into a fully functioning company.

Here on Biz Builder you'll find advice on everything from tax season to navigating the holidays! Be on the look out for regular updates featuring articles of interest and tips from small business professionals throughout the year. So subscribe to the blog - because if it's happening in small business, it's on Biz Builder.